Industry Best at Sachs Masters 2008

The Sachs Masters is a unique opportunity for experienced Automotive Technicians to use their skills in a competitive environment. 24 teams from across Australia will compete in a three day event, where they will be required to service, diagnose and repair various aspects of various late model vehicles in a limited time frame of 2.5 hours.

The competition finals were held from 24th- 26th July 2008 at BMW's National Training Centre in Mulgrave, Melbourne. During the competition, industry leaders and trade associations gave training and presentations, which were open to competitors and trade spectators.

In order to showcase the best talent, the SACHS Masters is only open to teams of 3 competitors who are fully qualified, each with at least 1 year post-apprenticeship experience in the trade. Minimum age for this competition is 22 years. After registration, teams aree required to complete an online assessment to prove their skills & qualifications.

Phil Austin, Apprentice Programme Manager for BMW, is in charge of the change-over crew who dismantle the car parts after the first round, ready for the next round of competitors. He will show us what's involved on the technical side of this event...