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Studying a vocational education and training (VET) course as part of the HSC is a smart choice.  VET courses provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to make the most of your future.

VET courses provide a pathway into wide range of occupations. Studying a VET course at school can even make it easier to get that all important part time job to help you get through your university or VET studies.

VET programs in schools are laying foundation for the workforce of tomorrow, developing skilled and adaptable employees for the future.

This channel is supported by The NSW Department of Education and provides videos and links to information that can help you make decisions on best  options for training and getting started early in your career -through SBAT programs and VET in secondary schools programs plus tertiary training options  . It is applicable and has great case studies for people throughout Australia - not just NSW!!

To get you started have a look at these links that the Department recommends:

Transferable employment skills

What do careers in hospitality, mining, retail, manufacturing, building, printing and graphic design have in common? Employers in all these industries are looking for similar basic skills in young workers . Check out the videos

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