Our Coast, Our Vodka

SkillsOne visits the South Coast to chat to a small family business who create Vodka and export it to the world. We find out how a small business creates the product. We visit the factory, with the brewing room and distilling taking place.

We chat to Ian, Christine and Trevor Field, who show us around the process of creating vodka - from corn fermenting, until the completed bottled product.

Australian Spirits Distillery was established in January 2006.

The Vodka Brewing Process:

The vodka is triple distilled (31 times filtered) ensuring smoothness and clarity.

The fermentation process involves dissolving grain sugar and yeast in the purest of water. Nutrients are used to enhance fermentation producing a mash solution at a strength of 18% alc/vol.

The distillation process involves the use of copper pot stills with unique heads for smooth pure spirit distillation. The stills are filled with the fermented mash and heating it up to 78.5° where the alcoholic vapour separates from the mash producing an average alcoholic strength of 67%.

The process is completed 3 times, (triple distilled) to ensure purity and clarity.

The product is then hand bottled, capped and labelled.

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VJ Linda Mirabilio