Launched in Sydney in 2007, SkillsOne works with Industry, Educators, Government and TAFE to engage and promote the extensive career opportunities and pathways in traditional trades and emerging skills areas ranging from automotive, construction & mining; through to hairdressing, healthcare and horticulture.

SkillsOne is dedicated to embracing and reflecting the diversity, quality and opportunities within the skills community. It is reputable, contemporary and proven as a respected resource for career advisors, parents and students. The primary aim has been to create a skills community. Inherently, online content includes the key elements of lifestyle, career opportunities, positive attitudes and job satisfaction reflected through individuals sharing their experiences, skills, stories and wisdom.

SkillsOne.com.au provides a rich tapestry of information about trades and skills 24/7. The site features all stories appearing on SkillsOne TV and is continually updated with new video stories and industry snapshots.

40 – 50,000 videos are viewed on the SkillsOne site monthly, increasing significantly during October and November when students are seeking ideas and guidance on career paths within the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector. In addition to the website, SkillsOne TV is broadcast daily (Mon-Fri) nationally on Foxtel (Aurora 183) and Free to Air (TV4ME 74).

Our experience in media has been central to the thrust of generating positive messages about the VET sector and communicating those messages in innovative ways – television, talkback radio, print media, industry & trade press. We have a vast array of media contacts and promote the excellence of TAFE, its teachers, Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET) members and the VET sector generally. We speak at industry conferences and use our good relationships to assist others in general promotion on skills and trades.

Since 2011, SkillsOne has driven National Skills Week, supported by the Australian Government. Now in its seventh year, the week is a celebration of the diversity and opportunities for Australians of all ages in skilled areas.