WorldSkills Australia Nationals – Brisbane 2010 – Bricklaying

Ben got into Bricklaying when he finished year 10. His Dad is a bricklayer, which exposed him to the trade and got him interested in potentially doing this as career. He is currently working with his dad and his two younger brothers

He trained a couple days a week for the Nationals comp with The Skills Institute (TAS) and his dad Paul. He keeps a good frame of mind, remembering all you can do is your best.
He likes the fact that Bricklaying is made up of all kinds of different jobs and aesthetically likes the look of bricks and what they can create.

He had three tasks to complete at Worldskills 2010. The first assignment was to build a Gold medal design in brickwork, then a mystery task and lastly a speed test which involved speed with precision.

VJ Carlos Portella