Horses in Showbiz – Part One

Heath Harris trains horses to perform stunts for live shows and films. He chats to SkillsOne about what his job involves, the challenges and rewards. He shows us around the tools needed for the trade - including custom made saddles - and tips for stunts!

About Harris Entertainment:

Harris Entertainment Pty Limited is a company dedicated to bringing its clients fabulous visuals through the mediums of film, television, live show or competition performance.

Run by husband and wife team, Heath and Krissy Harris, they founded the company in 2000.

Heath had previously run Heath Harris International – another horse training company - before they were married.

They specialize in supplying horses for film, television, commercials and live show, including corporate and public appearances, and offer a complete service of animal coordination, horse training, horse transport, horse care and welfare.

Their staff to assist clients in coordinating livestock needs, perform horse stunts, and train actors to ride and handle horses. They work at locations around Australia and the rest of the world.

Harris Entertainment Pty. Limited produces of two live shows:

Movie Magic - featuring Heath & his equine friends.

Girls Girls Girls - the only all girl movie stunt and trick riding team in the southern hemisphere.

Heath and Krissy and currently working on an idea for their next show.

About Heath:

Heath has over 40 years experience in working with horses and is one of the world’s leading liberty horse trainers. A liberty horse is a horse that performs without a rider or any track.

He’s worked on a number of film productions including:

- The Man from Snowy River

- Racing Stripes

- Phar Lap

- The Legend of Zorro

- Gallipoli

VJ Matthew Jenkin