Their Next Move

Their Next Move: Careers through Skills – A Parent Showcase


In conjunction with the NSW Department of Education , SkillsOne is presenting both a live and digital Parents Show that will be available in Term 2 and 3, 2024 to parents in NSW.

Created with parents at the forefront , the showcases has the specific focus on helping them to better understand the options available through VET including apprenticeships and traineeships.

This will be a fantastic tool for schools to use and promote to support subject selection information, parent information sessions, and career advisory services.

The Live show will be held on Tuesday 21 May 2024 in North Sydney and filmed/ edited to create the digital series including panel speakers, ambassadors and music performed by world renown Conductor  George Ellis and his Pocket Orchestra which brings energy and creativity to the showcase. Also presenting  and/or performing will be Rachel Beck, Graham Ross, Luke Mangan, OAM Jenine Smith (Career Advisers Association NSW), Don Spencer  OAM plus others speaking about careers and opportunities.

Tickets for the live show  are now available through the Humanitix Ticket platform.

The aim of the program is to provide information on VET in a creative and engaging way to parents of High School Students enabling them to understand the value and alternative career pathways and opportunities offered through vocational education (VET) and skills training.

We also wanted to assist career advisers/ practitioners in their efforts of promoting these pathways to a rewarding and prosperous career and shatter the myths that university is the only option for ambitious young students.

There will be a showcase of success stories of the VET sector through NSW Training award ambassadors/and industry speakers, plus specific segments on school-based apprenticeships and traineeships and work placement, emerging careers, new industry programs and an extended area on options for apprenticeships- including different training options and the emerging higher education apprenticeships programs . There will also be information on short skills set training and the world of micro-credentials. The showcase will finish with links to resources and contacts where parents can receive further information to support their child in their VET journey

The  digital series  will be available from the 2nd week in June (in total 75 minutes) . It will be presented in 4 parts, with the flexibility for parents to view areas of interest which they and their children may wish to explore in depth such as health, advanced manufacturing, defence, technology. The digital show will be available via registration on our website once it is published.

Parents and career advisers/ practitioners can receive the digital showcase by registering on our site when the show goes live and will receive immediate access to the showcases.

There will be updates on distribution and availability for the digital showcase shortly.

For further information please contact Anne Cazar on  04388088480 or via email on

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