Treating Sprains and Wounds

Lisa is Senior Training Officer with St Johns Ambulance who has been teaching first aid for 8 years.

Lisa, having always been a keen swimmer (she could swim a kilometre before she started school!), has a passion for the water and water safety. She took several life saving courses and became more and more interested in first aid. Lisa has undertaken many training courses whilst working in the air-force, communications, steel works and doing several office jobs, Lisa decided to undertake the training to teach first aid - after all, she has all the skills and knowledge there!

In 2000 she started working part time with St John's Ambulance. She quickly went from part-time to full-time, from full time to training officer.

In this clip Lisa shows how to administer first aid, in relation to sprains and strains, and bleeding (i.e. general wounds and injuries). These are important things to know for any member of the workplace