Their Next Move – Digital Showcase

Their Next Move – Digital Showcase is coming soon! Releasing at the end of June 2024!


In conjunction with the NSW Department of Education, the digital series of the “Their Next Move Showcase” will be available at the end of June. 

The digital series was filmed at the live showcase of “Their Next Move”, hosted just last month at The Independent Theatre in Sydney. The videos will be posted on this page, with no registration needed to access the video content.

The showcase will be presented in 4 parts, as a total of 75 minutes. This will give the flexibility for parents to view areas of interest, which they and their children may wish to explore in depth such as health, advanced manufacturing, defence and technology.

The digital series will provide information on VET, in a creative and engaging way to parents of High School Students. Enabling them to understand the value and alternative career pathways and opportunities offered through vocational education (VET) and skills training.

There will also be information provided on short skills set training and the world of micro credentials. The digital showcase will finish with links to resources and contacts where parents can receive further information to support their child in their VET journey.

This digital series will include:

  • Inspiring Narratives: Engaging interviews with successful VET Alumni, parents and industry sharing their career stories and lessons.
  • Educational Content: Expert insights and guidance on industry trends, emerging careers and skills, jobs of the future, and career pathways.
  • Industry Insight: Gain valuable insights from industry experts through the individual story telling, panels and links to critical skills web sites.
  • Career Guidance: Practical tips and resources- links, information and contacts to help parents assist their children’s decision for their future

The digital showcase features speakers from industry and the NSW Training awards, a panel discussion with parents and industry representatives and performances. This includes: Rachel Beck, Graham Ross, Luke Mangan OAM, Jenine Smith, Tyler Pokrane ( NSW Training award Ambassador), Karen Cahill (Parent).