The Hired Husband

What to do when one's husband isn't the desired handyman? Hire one! We meet Hire-A-hubby business owner Mehdi Javidi, as he repairs a roof from recent storm and hail damage. We learn what it takes to be one of Australia's most successful 'Mr Fix-Its'. Hire-A-Hubby is a booming franchise, where we learn about the diversity of a job which incorporates the skills of everything from roofing to odd-jobs about the house. Is this variety-packed profession is a result of the Australian Skills Shortage?

Company Background

Hire-A-Hubby is a professional handyman service for home and commercial maintenance needs.  They cover carpentry, painting, fencing, tiling, doors & windows, locks and screens, plastering, roofing and general property maintenance.

Hire-A-Hubby is a handyman franchise – Mehdi owns his own franchise and is a jack of all trades who can fix any job in your home for you.

Talent Background

Mehdi started out doing an apprenticeship as a roof tiler. In 2001 he went into the navy for a change of career and started doing a trade as a mechanical engineer - mechanical.   He has also done 18 months at Charles Sturt Uni doing stage and screen acting.

On the weekends, he would do odd jobs for friends and family – fixing doors, tiling etc – a friend asked him why he wasn’t being paid to do this, so he bought the franchise 12 months ago and has been doing it ever since. He is 28.

Mehdi’s goal is to be comfortable by the time he is 30.  He started off doing 80 hour weeks to make the business work but now doing 50-60 hours a week and can pick and choose his jobs.

He does both commercial and residential projects on his own and with a colleague - in commercial premises, he puts up whiteboards, fixes doors etc.

He enjoys being outside, doing different things each day, meeting people.  Gets job satisfaction from making people happy – seeing their satisfaction in having things little things fixed.

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