Learning the Ropes

SkillsOne visits the training centre at Advanced Solutions Group, to learn how to work as a tradesman using rope access. We chat to Nick Stansell about the risks, the opportunities, and what it's like working in such an industry!

About Advanced Solutions Group:

Advanced Solutions Group offer a commercial abseiling/rope access service for business in need of high-rise building maintenance (concrete repairs, façade maintenance etc), painting and cleaning. They also offer training courses to teach new people about how to safely access buildings and signs, as well as how to be a tree-climbing arborist.

Nick says that some people attend the courses because they are looking for something new and different in the workforce. There is an attraction to this profession as they get to experience something every different and every day, and really get to see the world from a unique perspective.

Some others are already professional tradespeople such as electrician would like to be qualified in working with heights. This would allow them to work on the neon signs that sit atop a number of high-rise buildings in this city.

Nick founded the company nine years ago.

How it all began: After completing his four year apprenticeship as an Electronic Engineer, Nick Sansell decided he needed a change and didn’t want to be stuck indoors anymore. Nick had always been outdoorsy, having competed in numerous Sydney to Hobart yacht races.

He began to think about a career that would allow him to combine being outdoors, and exist within a niche market, while still being uniquely interesting to him. He stumbled upon Industrial Rope Access, and after calling a few abseiling access businesses, he got a job on the field.

He founded the company nine years ago, specialising in building maintenance and Industrial Rope Access. This allows him to do both minor and major repairs without scaffolding, which saves the owners of the building a great deal of money.

He then developed the training centre to allow people the chance to learn about the industry and to learn safely.

VJ Linda Mirabilio