From Head to Toe

Levon grew up in a creative environment. Both his parents were designers and tailors and so he learned his sewing skills at a young age. Levon got a degree in fine arts in Leningrad 30 years ago. After that he moved to Australia and started working as an apprentice hairdresser in Sydney. Through his apprenticeship he later on got his license as a ladies & gents hairdresser. In 1997 he even won a L’oreal hairdressing trophy. He picked up his make-up skills from various beauticians he worked with, by watching them, copying them and a lot of practicing.

Levon opened his own studio 8 years ago, initially specialising in just hairdressing, but later on (2002) he added fashion as well. Levon mostly designs dresses, from nightclub to wedding dresses, for women from 17 to 40 year-olds. He has done fashion shows in Sydney and Melbourne over the last few years. Even though Levon is a full-time hairdresser, he would rather call himself an artist, since he is also a painter, a tailor, a make up artist and a designer (a total renaissance man!). And 6 months ago he even launched his first perfume ‘Feng Shui by Levon’. In half a year he’s going to LA (where his sister has her own business) to do a photo shoot with some models for his clothing line. Levon likes to think in ‘total looks’, that’s why he finds the combination, hair, make up and fashion so interesting and why it works so well.

VJ Matthew Jenkin