The Energy School

SkillsOne visits Meadowbank training facility, which is the training centre of the electricians, motor mechanics and other trades people who work with Energy Australia. We chat to training Manager Tom Emelus who tells us what kind of people they're looking for to employ at Energy Australia.

Tom outlines what happens at the Training Facility, what they learn and the simulated environments and the skills they learn for life.

About Tom:

Tom Emeleus is the Training Manager at Energy Australia. He is an electrical engineer by trade and came to work for Energy Australia via his engineering degree. Tom sees a trade as a good option for young people – it’s well paid, hands on and there is long term job security because people will always need electricity. It’s also an exciting job, when storm hits and so on, these are the guys that are relied upon to fix everything. Whilst there are risks, it is still safe.

Some people get a dual qualification as electrician and a linesman and they choose to become a linesman. It’s a popular job because of the access to overtime which means more money, and fun as line work is always done in a group (usually 4 or 5 people). The training through Energy Australia provides national qualifications because they are a registered training organisation. The apprentices and trainees do 3 – 4 months of TAFE over 3 years which comprises the compulsory electrical theory part and then learn skills in a controlled environment (without the power on).

VJ Matthew Jenkin