Key Elements #3 – The Importance of Punctuality (1)

Punctuality is a key element to any successful workplace and landing that job you've had you're eye on.

More than that, it tells your future employer about your work style before you've even begun.

Time management is really what punctuality is all about and if you can't turn up for the job interview on time, how does your future boss know you'll turn up to work and finish a task on deadline?

Knowing when to do certain activities by planning ahead and balancing many competing priorities is key to time management no matter what trade or skill you've been qualified for, and no matter how junior your first job is.

Here are some SkillsOne Tips:

1. Avoid being late to work because you have too many things to do in the morning. Think about which things could be done the night before, such as preparing your lunch and keeping it in the fridge, or having your outfit already picked out.

2. Try to predict your commute time and work backwards to define the right time to leave your home. Leave enough extra time incase buses, trains or traffic sets you back. And forget that saying "Better late than never." In today's world, time is everything.

3. If you are going to an unfamiliar place, map out your course the night before, and give yourself ten or fifteen extra minutes, in case you get turned around.

4. Set your clock back a few minutes, maybe even as much as ten or fifteen. After this, however, you have to force yourself to be ready by that clock, even though you know it is fast. If you can develop even that little bit of self-control, you can be much more punctual.

5. Prioritise your tasks at work - do what's most important to the business, your boss or your customers and when in a new job, try to keep track of how long things take to finish. That way, when your boss asks to do even more you can ask them which task is the priority, giving you a better chance of meeting your deadlines.

VJ Matthew Jenkin