The Green House

The Arthouse Backbacker Hostel in Tasmania was built in 1888 and claims to be the first 'green' hostel in the world. The hotel was originally built as a trade hotel, housing many dock workers.

So, Peter, the owner takes is through the ways they keep Arthouse Hostel 'green' and carbon neutral.

Some of what they do includes:

  • Catching rainwater for re-use
  • Using solar panels
  • Reducing the hostel's footprint in anyway - such as by using gas rather than electricity

On SkillsOne we come across many businesses now turning their attention to going 'green' and it just confirms our resolve to show how important today's tradesmen and women are so we can have sustainable housing, green rainwater tanks and plumbing, as well as gas or solar panels instead of electricity.

VJ Lucy Nash

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