Language Lessons

Robert Puffett is an English Language Teacher at the Australian Institute of Commerce and Language (AICL).

He shows us the curriculum which he bases his lessons on, shares what motivated him to become an English Teacher and what skills are needed to become a teacher.

In an average day on the job Rob develops lesson plans, making up ideas for students.

In the morning the class covers the basics of English grammar.

At midday they workshop what they learnt in the morning and in the afternoon they do an activity like snakes and ladders to get everyone participating.

On Fridays, Rob takes students on an excursion to the zoo, art gallery, somewhere fun and interesting where we can practise their English.

Given the right training to become an English language teacher, there is a 95% guarantee of employment at the hundreds of private colleges like ‘Australian Institute of Commerce and Language’ based in Sydney.

Offered since the 1960s and taught in over 50 countries, the 'Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults' (CELTA) is an industry benchmark for those wanting to teach English in Australia or overseas.

The course is designed for people with no previous teaching experience and a typical CELTA candidate is someone who is going to travel or live overseas and who wants to work as an English teacher while exploring other countries and cultures.

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