Designing Simple Simon

From the outback to the city suburbs, the pie is a major feature in the Australian diet. The good ol' meat pie provides sustenance at the weekend game, satisfies the hunger pangs of workers and is a frequent feature at the family dinner table. In recent times, the pie has evolved, pastries are more varied, shapes have changed, the contents extended and the gourmet pies cover many tastes.

Behind the transition, fulfilling the requirements of bakeries nationwide, Lindsay Pie Making Equipment (LPME) have been designing, developing and manufacturing equipment for the pie making industry in Australia (and various overseas countries) for over 22 years under the brand name of "Simple Simon".

At Simple Simon, Henry Kolodynski helps design and build pie-making equipment. He takes many unskilled workers under his wing and shows them the ropes. He believes that with proper on the job training workers can be fully equipped to work in all fields of metal fabrication.

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VJ Rodney Meier