Digger: A real Aussie battler

They say that a man's best friend is his dog. This is particularly true of the relationship that third-generation farmer Kevin Howell has with his beloved kelpie named Digger.

Digger is not only Kevin's best friend but also his best worker. Digger is a three-time National Kelpie Champion, which is an amazing achievement for a dog that was once almost paralysed and is now 13-years-old.

Humans would do well to take a lesson or two from Digger about loyalty and hard work.

Kevin Howell ran a sheep and cattle farm until 2005 when he decided to semi-retire and concentrate on breeding and training kelpie sheep dogs. He and his wife Kay own and operate the Karana Kelpie Stud in the Central West district of NSW.

"Our aim is to try to Improve the already great breed of dog the Working Kelpie,& make these dogs available to those who wish to enjoy working with a quality dog," he says.

He believes that every human should have a dog in their life because they are great friends and very faithful.

"I believe that dogs are truly mans best friend and they have my greatest respect."

VJ Emma Sampson