SkillsDMC CEO Steve McDonald discusses the 2011 SkillsDMC National Conference

2011 SkillsDMC National Conference addressed Industry productivity through Workforce Planning.

Increasing enterprise productivity in the resources and infrastructure industry was the focus of this year’s annual SkillsDMC National Conference; a meeting of minds aimed to encourage leadership in workforce planning and skills development.

SkillsDMC is the National Industry Skills Council for skills and workforce development needs for the mining (coal and metalliferous), drilling, quarrying and civil construction sectors.

Steve McDonald, SkillsDMC CEO, says a ready, skilled workforce underpins productivity and allows enterprises to be ready to meet the predicted growth in commodities and resources.

“It takes time to see the results of workplace development initiatives, and the industry needs to combat the looming skills vacuum that will be left by a retiring workforce, in three to four years time. “The conference provided an opportunity to bring together industry leaders to discuss major strategic initiatives for workforce planning and development, and plan for the future,” says McDonald.

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