Star Rating – Australian Drilling Industry Training Committee Pty Ltd

The Australian Drilling Industry Training Committee or ADITC, as they are often known - has been around since 1978 as an industry organisation for the drilling industry.
The drilling industry makes holes in the ground for a range of reasons. We explore for and identify mining resources, and energy resources like oil, gas and geothermal energy. We find and access water. We develop mineral resources by drilling and blasting. Every time you go up in a multi-story building or drive across a bridge you’re grateful to the foundation drillers.
ADITC also provides the qualifications for people at all levels of the industry, in all twelve sectors of it, Australia-wide and beyond. These range from a Certificate II in Drilling for an offsider working in Mineral Exploration in the desert, to Certificate IV in Drilling for a waterwell driller working in his own business in a country town, to an Advanced Diploma for an Offshore Installation Manager managing an oil rig off the North West shelf.
They are proud to have been awarded a Two Gold Star rating by the Institute for Trade Skills Excellence. Their award comes from their deep knowledge of the drilling industry and the skills people need to work in it.


VJ Lucy Nash