Hazell Bros- One Stop Construction Shop

Hazell Bros is a family company started over 60 years ago by Don Hazell.

In 1944 Don bought his first truck (a 5T Chevy) for 637 pounds, 5 shillings and 11 pence because he was sick of milking cows for a living.

Today it is operated by two of Donald's sons - Geoffrey and Robert; and has grown to become a unique Tasmanian Company employing 450 employees.

During that time Hazell Bros has developed into a business with expertise in civil construction, quarrying, concrete manufacturing, equipment services, transportation, product testing and fleet maintenance.

Michael Hazell describes how the Hazell Bros HBMI Quarry produces approximately 1 million tonnes per annum and sees it one of the best quarries in Australia.

Many of the employees have worked with Hazell Bros for decades and love what they do. Don and Geoffrey say they encouraged family members to be part of the growing business, and many other Tasmanians have become part of their family. Their philosophy, however, is to never force an employee to take on a role they wouldn't enjoy.

One of their current projects building new Harvey Norman store at Hobart Airport.

VJ Lucy Nash