Jewellery Design TAFE Taster

This Jewellery Design Workshop session will introduce students to industry level jewellery-making skills. Catherine will do demonstration initially along with other teacher Majella Beck. Students from McDonald College will have the opportunity to work with industry tools and facilities used in jewellery design and trades. At the end of the sessions students will have designed and created a piece of jewellery, either earrings, a pendant or keyring - a project that can be made in a couple of hours.The workshop will take place in the studio - with all the equipment, and tools and lots will going on, lots of work being done at different tables and work spaces.

Who provides workshops like these?

The Inner Western Sydney Business Education Partnership is a local community partnership which assists in addressing the skills shortage in Australia by getting school students interested in careers. This local community partnership (LCP) has 26 schools which it works with. They talk to TAFE about their courses on offer and then organise something interesting for young people, giving an option to schools to participate.The Jewellery design workshop gives school students a taste of the TAFE course in the hope they get excited about further study as the workshop is hands-on and fun.

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VJ Rodney Meier