Get Smug

Rik and Marcelo show us around the workshop of their business, Smug Designs. All the designing and making of the jewellery is done from scratch, using raw materials like silver, titanium and gold.

The name “Smug Designs” was inspired by the German word for jewellery “Schmuck”. They were looking for a 4-5 letter name, and a bit of tongue and cheek - according to Rik they are the least “smug” characters around. They are based in Marrickville but are moving to Belmore to get a slightly bigger workplace.

SMUG jewellery is sold in traditional jewellery shops, contemporary design stores, galleries and museums. The business partners got their products into shops the “traditional way” knocking on doors, approaching people, visiting galleries. They are trying to get their product recognised worldwide.

Rik and Marcelo both received an Advanced Diploma in Jewellery and Object Design at Enmore Design Centre. Marcelo received 1st place in the state for object design, and he was studying Industrial Design in Chile before marrying an Australian woman and moving over here. He spent a few years learning English and then decided to become involved in jewellery making. Rik studied Graphic Design. All the designs get done at the workshop by both Marcelo and Rik. Both of them lecture at TAFE one day a week in Jewellery Making course.

VJ Linda Mirabilio