Knocking About

Chadd Houssenloge is a skilled Aussie carpenter. He has worked on all sorts of job sites, from luxury mansions to resorts, small maintenance jobs to the Better Homes and Gardens television program. Chad talks to SkillsOne about the best part of being a chippie, the variety of work and how he got started out.

Although he lives in Coffs Harbour, Chadd travels between Sydney, Byron Bay or Queensland as part of his work. After leaving school Chadd's first job was as an apprentice butcher - for just two weeks! He quickly realised handling meat wasn't a career he wanted to pursue and in 1989 a family friend offered him a carpentry apprenticeship.

Chadd's grandfather was a builder and he still holds onto some of his grandfather's tools including his plum level and an old handsaw, which he cherishes like family.

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