Prof Herbert’s interview tips

Regardless of the type of job you are applying for, it is important to be well prepared and make a good impression. Here are some humorous but useful tips to help you prepare for a job interview or first meeting with an employer.

1. Research the company first - Particularly in the age of the Internet it is expected that you will have done some research about the company. At the very least you should study their website carefully. If you know anyone who works in the industry ask them if they've heard of the company and what they think of it
2. Appearance - Take extra care with your appearance. Ensure your clothes are clean and well ironed. Clothes are very important when creating the right first impression. A suit and tie might not be appropriate for every job but you should always look smart and clean. You can not go wrong with a collared shirt and dark colours. A job interview is not a good time to experiment with new fashions trends. People are more likely to notice what is wrong with your outfit than what is right so ensure that your clothes are stain and wrinkle free.
3. Don’t wear too much perfume or aftershave - Fragrances can very easily be overbearing and distracting and some people are allergic to them. Do not smoke a cigarette prior to your interview because a non-smoker will smell it from a mile away.
The Interview
4. Shake hands - A good handshake should be firm but not bonecrushing. This is not an opportunity to prove your strength.
5. Smile – but not too much. People like happy people. Look like you're please to be there.
6. Make eye contact – Do not stare at someone’s shoes or the top of their head
7. Avoid fidgeting – sit on your hands if you must!
8. Ask questions about the company and the position – it will show you are interested and care about your work.
9. Be confident - by being yourself, not somebody else
10. Be positive - If you think you’ll never get the job you probably never will!
VJ Emma Sampson