Innovative Rainwater Harvesting

SkillsOne chats to Andrew Waudby, founder of EcoSac. We chat to Andrew about his innovative Rainwater Harvesting system, EcoSac, a flexible bladder system for storing rainwater. We learn about the skills involved in its installation and chat about how small businesses are embracing eco-friendly products and growing rapidly in Australia.

EcoSac is run by Andrew and his wife, Louise. They assist customers with installations in their area but they ship their EcoSacs all around Australia, and overseas.

We also chat to Micheal Hyman, a plumber from Tanksalot, who installs EcoSacs.

EcoSacs are made from a geo tech fabric and steel from Canberra, manufactured in Queensland, with sales offices in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, started in 2006, after two years in the ever expanding eco-products market their company is going from strength to strength.

The concept was originally Andrew’s idea, with support from his business partner they developed the product and have since modified the design. Like so many small businesses, once their product has been developed the business model and the skills needed changes.

From being very hands on in the initial phase Andrew now manages sales, the business and works on expansion for the future.

About EcoSacs: 

The EcoSac® is a revolutionary, new flexible rainwater bladder storage system that hides away under decks or floors making it much more discrete than traditional water tanks. The bladders are made from a beige coloured PVC material which enables potable water storage to Australian Standards. This means that the water captured can be used to safely fill swimming pools and fish ponds without fear of contamination from the bladder.

The bladders sit in a strong galvanised steel frame supported by industrial strength geo tech fabric which gives added protection. By placing the EcoSac® under a house or deck, the EcoSac® can harvest all of the rain that falls on the roof by diverting the downpipes to a common in-flow pipe which goes into the side of the EcoSac®.

This means that more rainwater can be collected much faster than in a traditional rainwater tank. Multiple bladders can be installed either side-by-side or end-to-end for maximum water storage.

Once the bladder or bladders are full, any excess water diverts to the existing storm water system so that there is no fear of over-filling. Once an EcoSac® is installed you have peace of mind that it has a 10 year warranty and is guaranteed to not leak.

VJ Bradley Conomy