The Ferrari Whisperer

Lenn Kench began his career as an automotive apprentice repairing, among other things, Volvos. Over three decades later he is the Chief Technician for Ferrari Australia.

His enthusiasm for his job and passion remains undiminished.

"I love jumping out of bed and coming to work."

Lenn no longer works as often on the workshop floor as he would like, but he still finds time in his busy schedule to inspect the vehicles under his care and supervise the technicians on duty.

"My main job is get a problem, find the answer and get it fixed as quickly as possible," he says.

Lenn's ascent to the peak of his industry didn't happen by accident. During the formative years of his career he set career objectives over five and ten year periods.

He points out that any young mechanic today could do the same thing.

"Set your goals, decide where you want to go, decide where you want to be in five years time, in ten years time and it'll happen."

"There's a good future in it. Cars will be around for a long, long time"

VJ Rodney Meier