How to Cook the Perfect Steak

Peter Howard is one of Australia's most recognised and passionate food and wine commentators, with a growing international reputation as both a presenter and consultant on food, wine and tourism. For 15 years his national television segments, regular radio interviews and articles in magazines and newspapers have kept Australian audiences informed of the latest trends in food and wine. Peter's knowledge, combined with his friendly and animated approach, has made him one of Australia's most sought after culinary presenters and media skills trainers.

Today we catch up with Peter at the Royal Easter show, and he stresses the importance of fresh food and nutrition - which in turn depends on our all-important agricultural sector - whilst he preps up the ingredients for the mango and steak salad he's going to make today in the Food Farm pavilion. But this dish requires cooking the perfect steak! Always wondered how to do this?! Then press play...!

VJ Matthew Jenkin

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