Rising to the challenge Part 2

It's not just Australian athletes who have the opportunity to represent their country and compete on the global stage. In fact, every two years our best young tradespeople line up to take on participants from 48 member countries in an international competition called WorldSkills.

SkillsOne flew to Shizuoka, Japan to follow the Australian Skillaroos as they competed in the 39th Annual WorldSkills International event which took place from 14 - 21 November 2007.

What is WorldSkills Australia?

Every International WorldSkills Member runs their own competition series in the lead up to the grand event. WorldSkills Australia is the independent, not-for-profit organisation that was established 26 years ago with the mission of promoting the status and awareness of trade and skill-based careers.

To achieve this goal, WorldSkills Austalia's core program is a series of trade and skill based competitions to encourage young people to achieve excellence in their career.

Stay tuned to SkillsOne for the WorldSkills Australia National Event which will be held in Sydney, Australia from 11 - 13 July 2008.

VJ Lucy Nash