Two Wheels Only

Here we meet a couple of friends and business partners who have created a niche business from a long-held passion.

While most young boys resign their passion for bikes to purely hobby status at a young age, Daryl and Andrew have been able to turn their lifetime hobby into a successful niche business - Scooterworld in Sydney, a motorcycle and scooter shop in Redfern.

Andrew founded the company as a motorcycle wholesaler ten years ago, and brought Daryl on board eight years ago to run the retail side. They specialise in new and used motorcycles and scooters, and do both smash repairs and mechanical repairs. They also sell two brands of motorbikes in store. Scooterworld is currently made up of six staff, including Daryl, Andrew and an apprentice in their third year. Daryl says that it’s hard to find apprentices, and ponders that perhaps it’s because the industry doesn’t pay all that well compared to other careers. He says that it’s a passion industry, something you do for the love of it, rather than the money.

Both Daryl and Andrew had worked for other people in the past, and sometimes felt unappreciated or poorly treated. They decided to always treat their staff well and it’s one of the mantras they adhere to in the hope of retaining their staff.

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VJ Linda Mirabilio