Glass Master

Master Glassblower and internationally renowned Artist Nick Mount displays his passion for glass and traditional Italian techniques learned in Venice from the Murano Maestros.

Nick Mount is an iconic figure in the field of contemporary glass.

He is both a brilliant exponent of the creative possibilities of hot glass and a mentor and inspiration to emerging glass artists.

He and colleague Deb Jones, now Creative Director of the Glass Studio at Adelaide’s Jam Factory, discuss how they bring ancient techniques to the modern Australian context, passing on their skills and passion to a new generation of passionate craftspeople.

More about the Jam Factory

The Jam Factory is Australia's leading studio-based craft development organisation and has been growing successfully for more than 33 years.

Through sales, Jam Factory provides income for over 400 artists and practitioners and it has employed and trained more than 360 of Australia's leading makers, artists and designers.

Jam Factory is serious about hands-on skills. At a time of national skills shortages, it is reinforcing the value of highly developed 'hands-on' work.


VJ Niyati Parikh