Music That’s Built to Last

SkillsOne meets the maker of games - from pinball machines, to golf games, in which you can compete with people across the world through the internet. Rob Dillon tells us about the changes in the industry, not just in technology with the games, but new laws, such as anti-smoking laws in pubs, which also affect his industry - such as the emergence of kids games rooms in pubs.

About Rob: 

Rob Dillon has joined the team, after 10 years of providing new digital equipment to the Australian and overseas marketplace.

Rob felt then, as he does now, that he had a better than average idea of what it was that people wanted, so he set about developing a range of more powerful, more robust, better sounding party machines and Information Kiosks with features that others didn't have.

Years of research and trials have led to the development of unique systems, which look great, are easy to use and really to pump!

His business is RDR Distributors, which we learn all about from Rob.

VJ Bradley Conomy