The Cutting Magicians

SkillsOne visits Laser Wizard, who are manufacturers with the largest laser machine in Australia. We chat to Ronald Thompson, who takes us through the factory and shows us how from original sketches, fine cut metals are created.

He shows us the difference between laser cutting and high pressure water jet cutting. He shares the different properties of each cutting device, and the things which can be created.

We then follow the process and meet one of the businesses who manufactures the metal parts into machines. Tom Lindsay, from Lindsay Pie Equipment, shows us how the machines are constructed with laser cut materials.

About Laser Wizard:

Laser Wizard are cutting specialists, using either a laser or a water jet cutting machine. Both processes are designed to eliminate, where possible, secondary operations such as shape, slot, hole and notch cutting.

Having a choice of processes means they can select the most suitable machines based on the requirements of the part, the application, edge finish, material and quantity. Both the laser and water jet machines are advanced manufacturing processes that are computer controlled and produce components with inherent accuracy, repeatability and precision.

Some examples of the profiles they cut include:

  • machinery components
  • automotive parts
  • sign & artwork
  • structural components
  • decorative components

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