Computer Assisted Machining @ WorldSkills

Chief Judge, Brent Butler, shows us through the Computer Assisted Machining category of the WorldSkills Nationals competition in Sydney.

About Computer Assisted Machinists At WorldSkills:

Computer Assisted Machinists use computers in the manufacturing processes by controlling the cutting of metals and other materials. Most components of a Formula 1 racing car have been produced using Computer Assisted Manufacturing (CAM). To become a CAM Operator you need to complete an Apprenticeship in Engineering, for example in Fitting and Machining, Toolmaking, Pattern making or Wood Machining.

In the competition, entrants have to build four separate parts using four different machines. You are told what to make but still have to design it and get the specifics and measurements correct. Then you have to put all four parts together and they will make a machine. If you haven’t made the parts correctly and exactly then they wont fit together and the machine won't work!

About Brent:

Brent Butler is 25 years old and a past WorldSkills Champion. Two years ago he won this category and got to go to Finland to compete in the International Competition. He works at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra. This is a strong research Uni and he runs a workshop which creates new tools and equipment for the researches.

Brent is currently creating a new scientific tool designed for analysis of rock. With this tool, researchers will be able to tell where the rock has come from and how old it is.

VJ Lucy Nash