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CAD (Computer Assisted Drawing) mechanics is a trade for all walks of life, as Brett McDonnell shares at the WorldSkills 2008 National Competition. He's a competitor in CAD mechanical in WorldSkills.

He shares how he got involved, what's needed to be a CAD mechanic, and what the job involves. He shows us some 3D models he's created - including support brackets for a pulley system.

About Computer Assisted Drawing At WorldSkills:

CAD (or, Computer Assisted Drawing) systems are used by mechanical drafters to simulate the performance of a product. Products that are tested can range from the safety of a bridge or even whether tomato sauce will pour correctly from a newly designed container.

Such tasks performed by CAD mechanics include:

  • Examining and interpreting engineers’ plans
  • Developing drawings, models, paperwork and files in the design process
  • Ensuring drawings conform to project requirements
  • Understand and comply with appropriate industry and national standards.

CAD mechanical workers can be found working in engineer firms, for construction companies, for surveyors and also for government projects.

CAD mechanical workers usually enjoy challenges, are interested in computers and skilled at maths and science. They are accurate and analytical, patient and have an ability for sustained concentration. They can also follow instructions and drawings carefully and concisely.

About Brett:

Brett is twenty three years old and is an active, social and easygoing bloke. He likes to ride dirt bikes – he also likes to construct 3D computer models. Brett enjoys partying with his friends – as well as learning new skills in drafting. This mix of interests should help in dispelling the myth that you can’t be a draftsman and have fun too.

Originally Brett had undertook a traineeship learning to deal with sheet metal and welding, however became interested in the design aspect of Mechanics.

He asked to stay on and learn drafting, however there was a lack of resources available at his work to teach him the trade. Brett then decided to work for a friend for a year, before being asked to continue with his previous employer as resources became available.

Brett now works for Architectural Glass Projects, designing glass features, including awnings.

VJ Lucy Nash