Mining In Australia

Interested in a career in mining - but don't know where to find out more information? Maybe you should have been at The Singleton Mine Expo? Lucky then, that SkillsOne went along for you!

The Singleton Mine Expo has been created to educate school students about the realities of working in mines, and show then the career options open to them in mining: SkillsOne finds out about the reality of mining: and it doesn't always mean involve getting your hands dirty!

Ellen Fleming is the National Career Specialist in Resources & Infrastructure Industries, and chats about the mining industry in general and career paths within it - including all the positions in trades which various mining companies have on offer: including electrical, plumbing and mechanical and automotive. That's not even including the engineers and operators.

John Green is the CEO of Mining & Earthmoving Services, who discusses job availabilities within the industry and what employers are looking for: he dispels the myth about mining being a dirty industry - and lets us know about the high-tech jobs available.

He is the one-stop-shop for all mining requirements from labour, skilled staff and equipment.

VJ Rodney Meier