WorldSkills Australia Nationals – Brisbane 2010 – Painting & Decorating

Originally from Hobart, Jesse completed a building and construction training course and Rosny College, Hobart. At the completion of his course, he applied for work placement and was given an apprenticeship doing painting and decorating. He has learnt a majority of his skills ‘on the job’ since most of the skills he acquired at Rosny were construction related. Jesse is heading towards the end of his third year as a painting and decorating apprentice.
Jesse specializes in historic houses, which calls for experience in traditional methods and practices. The biggest difference when working on old houses compared to more contemporary houses is the amount of prep work and repair before you can even get started!
In addition to his specialist work in painting, Jesse also does wall paper hanging and removal, and does his best to tackle any other tasks a client may request in the painting and decorating realm.
VJ Geoff Charters