Going Out with a Bang

In this video, we watch the manufacturing of fireworks in the factory, and speak to one of the apprentices who is learning this trade from one of the most successful and knowledgeable businesses in the world.

The Foti family emigrated to Australia from Sicily in 1952 and established their own business manufacturing and displaying fireworks. Foti is involved in designing and displaying the world-famous Sydney New Year's Eve Fireworks and were the official pyrotechnic consultants, designers and suppliers for the Sydney Olympic Games 2000 Opening and Closing ceremonies.

Safety is the first priority when dealing with fireworks, and before beginning any manufacturing trainees must learn how to be safe when working with explosives. Foti Fireworks, for example, have their factories housed in 33 buildings - for safety purposes - on hectares of land spread out over the property.

TAFE operates courses for those wishing to become trained in pyrotechnics and explosive handling. Experienced pyro-technicians can become involved in manufacture of new styles of fireworks and designing of displays, and innovations in new visual ideas and new manufacture of fireworks has helped this company hold its position as one of the most respected fireworks companies in the world.

VJ Rodney Meier