The Metal Whiz Kid

When Craft Metals' workshop manager took a month's leave, apprentice sheet metal fabricator Mark Sebing, despite his young age, was asked to take responsibility for the position.

"We had no hesitation," said Kate Danielsson of Craft Metals in Sydney's northern suburbs. And although Mark found problem solving "the most challenging" aspect of his new, temporary position, Kate notes that Mark proved himself "up to the challenge."

Mark Sebing is in the fourth year of his sheet metal apprenticeship, and commenced the theoretical component of his apprenticeship at St Leonards TAFE before transferring to Ultimo TAFE. At Craft Metals Mark is involved in fabricating numerous sheet metal products which includes roofing, guttering, wall cladding, window facades and skylights. Today architects are increasingly incorporating sheet metal products into their designs and so Mark has been involved in a number of high profile building projects. He enjoys the fact that his work is often on seen on the exterior of buildings, allowing people to see it and for him to be "proud" of the work he helped create.