The Brains Behind SeaWorld

James Esson did his apprenticeship at SeaWorld after seeing an advanced apprenticeship role advertised in the local paper. He studied at Brisbane Moreton Institute 7 weeks of each year and the rest of the time was spent on site at the theme park.

James started off as the operations manager working on the maintenance crew, inspecting and fixing the rides, permanent exhibits and equipment to keep the park running. He was part of the team responsible for some of the newer attractions like The Polar Bear Show and Shark Bay. Part of his job is actually going on the rides to test them, but he says that the thrill has gone because he they are just another part of his daily work! James always carries a shortwave radio and his mobile with him which allows him to direct his team of 25 technical service technicians wherever they are needed within the typical day at the park.

James' favourite area is mechanical design where he has had a hand in designing many of the newer mechanical systems in the park.

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