Vehicle Art @ WorldSkills

Here at WorldSkills Competition 2008, Justin shows how he has combined his love of cars and painting to undertake a fulfilling career!

About Vehicle Painting:

Eleven competitors will take part in the challenge to paint the front end of a car, both inside and outside, over three days. They will be expected to complete all tasks above industry standards with workshop efficiencies also built into the competition. The time frame for the projects undertaken will emulate the time constraints often faced in the automotive industry.

WorldSkills Australia 2008 can also boast the first use of water-based paint in any Australian competition for the automotive industry. Australia has been slower than most countries in the conversion from solvent-based to water-based paint. Solvent-based paint has proven to have a damaging effect on the ozone layer, with 80 per cent of solvent being contained per pot of paint. Comparing this to 5-10 per cent of solvent in water-based paint, this new and innovative approach by WorldSkills is a move towards preparing competitors for the greener future of the automotive industry. The category’s sponsor, Standox, has been training the competitors in using the new water-based paint.

About Justin:

Justin is twenty years old and started out wanting to enter the building trade, but his job fell through. So instead, he began working at a Panel shop, detailing cars and washing parts.

After a while, he decided to try a spray painting apprenticeship. Since starting this trade, he has decided that it is definitely the trade for him.

Justin's ultimate dream job is to work in a custom shop on show cars; that way, he can do the two things he loves - paint and look at cool cars.

VJ Thomas Greader