Matthew Lyons, Career Specialist

In this video, Matthew Lyons, a Regional Career Advisor, talks here about the misconceptions that exist concerning engineering careers. He is at Menai High School, where the students are involved in the F1 (Formula One) project, which gives them a taste of trades like engineering and construction through designing and making their own model racing cars from scratch (brought to them by Re-engineering Australia Forum).

Who are the organisations bringing trades awareness to schools like Menai High?

Career Advice Australia is a new Australian Government Initiative aimed at providing young Australians with improved access to high-quality information on career opportunities in industry and to assist Australian Industry address skill needs and engage in young people's career development. The network comprises two tiers of industry career advice including 10 National Industry Career Specialists and 57 Regional Industry Career Advisers, as well as 213 Local Community Partnerships and 100 Youth Pathways Providers working directly with young people and industry across Australia.

The Australian Industry (AI) Group is a significant provider in this network with four National Industry Career Specialists and 28 Regional Industry Career Advisers based in metropolitan and regional areas across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. This significant initiative will assist in building bridges between young people and local businesses by:

  • establishing Adopt A School Programs
  • supporting increased participation in Structured Workplace Learning programes, and School - Based Australian Apprenticeships
  • providing a range of career and transition support services, involving local businesses wherever possible.