Interview with AEN Jason Sultana on Apprenticeships and Traineeship options.

Jason Sultana speaks on the vast amount of apprenticeships and traineeships that are available through Group Training organisations

"We're here about educating young people about options of apprenticeships and traineeships when they leave school.

So they know everything that they can do. So as an industry, we do everything from school base to full-time, part-time traineeships, in particularly with the young people here today.

If they're thinking of doing a school base, then there is opportunities through different pathways and different programs available.

So we're seeing now in this current world that there is jobs everywhere. We are finding that if anyone is wanting to start an apprenticeship or traineeship, there is unique opportunities from  everything from your core positions like carpentry, plumbing,  electrical, to all those little ones that you may not think about. Tiling, plastering painting. There is jobs in every single industry at the moment, including some of the emerging stuff around the, the new energies in solar and other type of  programs. These expos are, are wonderful because it gives us an opportunity to talk to young people and start to educate them in relation to options in the future. It's,

it's not always about university. There's pathways that you can do from apprenticeship or traineeship that leads into university, but for us it's really about that whole start of the process"


Filmed on site at Central Coast Careers expo and Skills and Thrills Show 2023.

Supported by NSW government through the NSW Department of Education- Training Services NSW