The Perfect Fit

G.L Gauci & Son - which specialises in the manufacturing of braces, frames and walking and support aids - was established in Australia in 1965, but the family had been involved in the industry far longer than that.

The original company was founded in Europe by Frank Gauci's grandfather in 1921, and handed down the succeeding generations after the family relocated to Australia.

Frank grew up surrounded by orthopedic products, and furthered his knowledge and skill development with on the job training. You don't need to do a university degree to get into this field, but can learn and earn through doing an apprenticeship. Frank is concerned that young people aren't even aware of many of the viable career options out there, nor find them glamorous, but urges them to reconsider how they can put their skills and potential talents to use in many different of ways.

This job draws on so if you are good with your hands and enjoy making things, then consider taking up a job making orthopedic products, which have the added bonus of helping out others in need.


VJ Rodney Meier