Petey Pie’s Pie Secret

Today we talk to Tony Smith of the Bakery Industry Association (BIA) of NSW about the Petey Pie Bakery - where people can watch fresh pies being made at the Show. BIA offers support and assistance to independent, franchised, wholesale bakeries and patisseries, encouraging bakers and chefs across the state to use the standard recipe of quality ingredients.

The baking industry faces a similar challenge to other industries in keeping young people even through the door to start apprenticeships and entry level roles in the industry. A major turnoff for young people is the early morning starts. This was the case until relatively recently: an innovation in technology, the proof retarder, now enables a couple of extra hours in bed; it activates the yeast in the dough at a pre-set time allowing the baker to come to work a little later! So don't let this be your excuse!


VJ Linda Mirabilio

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