The Next Generation of Engineering’s Elite

In 1980, Carlos began a small engineering business from the back of his ute. Now, 27 years later that business has grown into Broens Industries - one of the world's most advanced, high-tech engineering companies. In the next five years his company hopes to turn over close to $100,000,000.

Broens delivers precision engineering, tooling, special purpose machinery and automation solutions across key industries in the industrial, commercial and defence sectors.

Carlos puts a heavy emphasis on apprenticeships and grooming the next generation for the company's future. He is one man who knows the value of skilled apprentices.

Ryan Johnson is the Master of Apprentices at Broens and explains the talents of two young hopefuls - Nathan Budd, a mature-aged fitter and machinist; and Michael Thomson, a systems electrician technician.

VJ Matthew Jenkin