A Green Resting Place

Eckhard Kennerer came up with the concept for Life Art’s cardboard coffins 5 years ago. Three years was spent in developing and perfecting the product, and it was necessary for the product to pass all the relevant safety and regulation checks before it could be used in the industry.

In 2005 the industry (composed of funeral homes and funeral directors) were not at all keen to embrace another cardboard coffin concept. Conventional caskets for the deceased are beautifully polished wood-finished with elaborate handle designs, interiors and fastenings, which are not at all cheap: no wonder funeral directors were well used to hearing from customers “I’d be happy to be buried in a cardboard box!”

Ironically, cardboard coffins do not work out that much cheaper than a basic wooden coffin, but there is satisfaction in knowing though that these coffins are made from 90% recycled paper and biodegrade much more quickly in the earth. They are also suitable for cremation, which makes up 80% of metropolitan funerals, in that they use up a lot less energy.

LifeArt is unique not only in that it makes "environmentally friendly" coffins, but also that these containers can be personalised and creative - with artistic images representing the deceased life and interests able to be adorned on the coffin's exterior. Workers at LifeArt feel that this is a positive, warm and therapeutic way of dealing with an otherwise difficult, traumatic and dark time.

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VJ Matthew Jenkin