Survive Armed Robbery

Armed robbery is a reality in Australia for hospitality and retail workers. Staff in these industries can do training and get skilled up at RTOs to survive these situations.

SkillsOne chats to Bob McDougall, Senior Consultant at Barringtons, who shares what's involved in the course, how to prevent armed robbery and some tips to mentally and physically protect oneself in a robbery.

Just like people working with alcohol must have their RSA, people working with cash can also receive Armed Robbery Survival Skills Training. SkillsOne chats to RTO, Barringtons - who provide a Armed Robbery Survival Skills.

About the Armed Robbery Survival Skills Training package:

This training package is designed to help staff protect themselves and others from becoming physical and psychological victims, should a robbery occur.

Bob McDougal is an ex-policeman and has been working with Barrington's for 8-9 years. He has a great sense of humour and lots to say. He says any person working with cash in clubs, pubs, registered clubs, and petrol stations should do the Armed Robbery Survival Skills training. It should be compulsory like doing a Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate for hospitality workers.

He warns about saying things to yourself like 'Don't panic' because that actually makes you panic. Body language is also very important because although the crime is very stressful for the bar or club worker, a victim must remember that the criminal is much more stressed in the first place and that any interaction or negotiation with the perpetrator must be done with non-threatening body language - personal space and eye contact being primary concerns.

VJ Rodney Meier

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