The Glass Art

Sergio Redegalli did fine arts at university; at the time when he was training there were no craft courses being taught at TAFEs or institutes anyway. Lead lighting (used in some modern double glazing and as a basic technique by glaziers) and sand blasting are probably the nearest things to what he does now...

Sergio has two unique pieces of kit in his studio making his workshop (which he owns and lives above in the heart of Newtown) unique not only in Sydney but the whole of Australia - an Intermac glass cutting machine from Italy, and a kiln made with his own hands.

Sergio is extremely passionate about the next generation of artisans in his industry. He was on the Youth Festival Committee in the 1980s, he is pro-active about promoting excellence in young people. Alex is Sergio's talented young apprentice who dropped out of her university degree in Queensland to come down to Sydney and work for him in Sydney. Alex says that the skills she has learnt in the last 14 months she says have taught her more than being at uni did!

VJ Matthew Jenkin