Cozying Up

When Sally Bourguignon was expecting twins in 1999 she found it impossible to find the stylish, colourful blankets she wanted for her new babies that was also machine washable - a necessity for a soon-to-be mum of twins. The pastel, woollen baby blankets in shops did not reflect her love of colour, or her active outdoor lifestyle. Sally decided to try and make the blankets herself out of polar fleece because it's easy care and comes in so many different colours and was surprised from the positive feedback she received whenever people saw them in her babies' strollers. She began selling the items at the Paddington markets and the brand soon had a loyal following. This story is about a young mum who decided to use her creativity and initiative to launch a niche product into the market. Now Cozyosko is branching into the overseas market, and into summer wear.

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VJ Rodney Meier